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Our Practise Areas

We advice on Investment, Extant Statutes and Regulations governing commercial transactions in Nigeria.



Corporate/Commercial Law

We advice on investments, extant statuses and regulations governing commercial transactions in Nigeria.
We also advice on modalities and regulations governing repatriation of profit/dividends in …


Litigation and Appeal

We take great pride in our successful involvement in several high profile civil litigation matters involving governments, (National/States/Local Governments), Individuals etc and appeals at the Court of Appeal and Supreme …


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Our ADR department is supervised by lawyers who are certified by international and local arbitration organisations/institutes which enable us to anticipate and prepare for the most effective ADR method to be applied to any …


Financial Matters

Our Practice covers different types of corporate financing as well as Small and Medium Scale Business financing.
We cover a broad spectrum of legal services to borrowers, financial institutions, service reg …


Taxation Matters

We handle corporate and individual taxation issues to ensure due compliance with extant regulations.
We are also skilled in taxation litigation involving multinational corporations, government dep …


Election and Related Matters

Election and Pre-election matters are at the core of our democracy and governance in Nigeria.
Our firm endeavours to assist parties in dealing with compliance issues, pre-election matters …


Compliance Due to Diligence

Ensuring due compliance with regulatory provisions are key for investors.
We conduct due diligence and prepare or vet commercial contracts in diverse sub-sectors of the economy like:- Oil and Gas, Joint Ventures …


Minerals/Oils and Gas Law

Our Oil and Gas Practise covers application for and approval of Oil Prospecting License, Exploration License, Oil Mining Lease, Quarry Lease, etc.
We have represented various multinational oil …


Arbitration, Mediation Etc.

Lawyers in our firm are quite familiar with the provisions of the various rules of Arbitration. Many of them are Members or Associates of diverse Institutes of Arbitration. We have represented clients in several commercial…

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