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We engage in the practice of civil law, appeals, commercial law, electoral law, energy, telecommunications, etc.

Based on the above, we advise our clients on corporate and commercial transactions and compliance procedures. Our office has an exciting array of lawyers with vast experience and many years of practice without losing touch with extant and emerging areas of law and extant regulations/statutory prescriptions.

Our core objective at Mozia Lawyers is to restore the trust in the court system as the last resort of the common man and to aid due justice delivery in the polity. We try to assist the court and litigants to ensure that justice is done in all cases according to law. We also advice on compliance with statutory and procedural stipulations regulating commercial agreements/transactions.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to supply quality legal service in aid of due justice delivery to desirous individuals and/or corporate entities.

Our Vision

We hope to be a part of a Nigeria that is fair to all, hopeful for all, beneficial to all and where all facets of due justice delivery works.

Our vision therefore is to embody and multiply integrity and fair play required to foster an effective justice delivery system for all in Nigeria. (Principal to edit or replace as deemed appropriate).

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Our law office is duly Incorporated as Ken E. Mozia & Co. with RC No.  BN 957612 on 16th February, 2001.

Our Head Office is at Plot 87A, Okoro-Otun Avenue, Off Ikpokpan Road, G.R.A., Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria which is a purpose built law office in a serene environment conducive to research and due practice of law.

Meet our Legal Team

Yehoshua Odiase (Esq) - Mozia Lawyers Attorney

Yehosua O. Odiase, Esq


Angela O. Isiakobegie, Esq - Mozia Lawyers Attorney

Angela O. Isiakpobegie, Esq


Joseph.I.Odibeli Esq - Mozia Lawyers Attorney

Joseph I. Odibeli, Esq


Samuel Mackean Ajebi (Esq) - Mozia Lawyers Attorney

Samuel Maclean Ajaebi, Esq


George Omoruyi .U. (Esq)- Mozia Lawyers Attorney

George U. Omoruyi, Esq


Justin .O. Igiebor (Esq) - Mozia Lawyers Attorney

Justin O. Igiebor, Esq


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