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Financial Matters


Our Practice covers different types of corporate financing as well as Small and Medium Scale Business financing. We cover a broad spectrum of legal services to borrowers, financial institutions, service regulators, as well as individual and corporate clients across various sectors and industries. Our practice touches on corporate finance, infrastructure finance, asset finance, capital markets, private equity, project finance, structured finance, real estate finance, Venture Capital financing of Start-up Financial Technology Companies, etc.

We ensure that clients are abreast of the framework for importation of capital and repatriation of dividends or profits when desired. We assist clients to be compliant with the requisite or stipulated financial regulations especially in Nigeria and the West-African sub-region. Multinational entities are assisted to reclaim payments for credit transactions with local corporations or private persons.

Our personnel consists of a carefully shortlisted group of talented individuals with sound academic qualifications, specialist experience and international exposure. We adopt a user-friendly approach to presenting our legal solutions and advise to our clients.